Thursday, June 10, 2010

So, There Are These Rules...

Third week on the job, now. One of my partner supervisors asks over lunch, "How's everything going? Is everyone in the group being nice? Do you like the work? Everything going okay?"

Me: "Everyone's awesome: incredibly nice, and giving me really interesting work. I was so relieved when, after she realized I knew the law and had good coverage of the substantive issues, Linda [the associate I was working for on a specific project; obvi, not her real name] was so patient with my Bluebooking errors."

Partner supervisor: "Yeah, don't worry about that. I explained to her that we love Yalies, and we realize that they don't actually teach you guys how to do that stuff. You got the important things."

Me (thinking to myself): Phew.

Not like I'm totally out of the woods or can just refuse to learn the rules (as I've explained, I'm really trying!), but it was nice to know that I'm not a total screw-up. And I guess it's good I brought my Bluebook with me for the summer. Clearly, I'm going to be needing it.



Amanda said...

They're coming out with the 19th edition (might already be out?) and I realized how much law school is ingrained in me when I had a *verysrs* conversation for almost 5 minutes about what they might be changing and now I have to change a year's worth of memorizing (yada yada yada). Oh, Bluebook.

Cat said...

I'm so glad I remembered to bring my BB too! Although it's a little embarrassing, because I spilled tea all over mine last year, and it's all brown and crinkly on the edges.

SB said...

Amanda: I've been told by our member of the Bluebook committee that most of the major changes are related to specific rules about how to cite different types of online sources, if that makes you feel any better/worse about your predictions. :)

Cat: You shouldn't be embarrassed! At least it shows that it's well-loved. Mine looks like it's never been opened a day in its life. Of that, perhaps *I* should be embarrassed.

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